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Creating enablers and removing barriers to success

I am an organisational development consultant with over a decade of fundraising and management experience in and with organisations which are creating positive social and environmental impacts. I have designed strategies and materials for groups such as the Cape Leopard Trust, the Neuroscience Institute, and the African Climate and Development Initiative. I have coordinated many successful grant applications, including raising funds for a centre of excellence, a research chair, international collaborations, and numerous projects and consultancies. 

My vision is a South African where passionate, talented people have the resources to undertake their life's work, in service of society. My mission is to provide strategic clarity and business development support to project leaders so that they can map out their pathway to creating impact, and raise the resources that will allow them to follow this path.  

My approach is to develop capacities and systems within organisations so that they can thrive. I support teams through helping to create strategic clarity - realigning with the organisation’s objectives and honing their project design accordingly. Using a coaching approach, I then build their in-house capacity for raising funds. I collaborate with impact communication specialists, writers and creatives to clearly communicate an organisation's vision, mission and impacts. 

I hold a Masters degree in Social Science, and degrees in English and Social Anthropology from the University of Cape Town. You can view my comprehensive CV here.

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