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A programme to build the fundraising capacity of your research team

A six-week strategy-development programme to support UCT research teams and early-career researchers to leverage their strategic goals and achieve financial sustainability.

About the course 

Research teams need to be financially sustainable and create visible social impact. Government funding is diminishing year-onyear, making it more critical for research teams to pursue diverse fundraising opportunities to achieve their research objectives. To equip researchers with the strategic fundraising skills they need the UCT Research Office has endorsed the development of an online coaching and strategy development programme. This programme has been tailored for UCT researchers and support staff. It is designed to empower research teams of any size to take control of their income model and strategic direction. There is also a version of the course that is tailored for emerging researchers, who don't yet have an established research team.

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Prof Kevin Naidoo, Director, Scientific Computing Research Unit, University of Cape Town

"This course will get you to contextualise your research within a societal need and present it in a way that will make its value more transparent and engaging to a funder or funding agency"

Dr Jacquie Bracher, Research Enterprise Manager, Neuroscience Institute, Faculty of Health Sciences

. "Unpacking and reformulating ideas with Zoë’s toolbox of expertise can be applied at all levels of the research enterprise, from postgraduate trainees developing career pathway strategies, to high-level strategic planning of a large research institute.”

Prof Tommie Meyer, Director, Artificial Intelligence Research Group, Department of Computer Science

"Like many Computer Scientists I am sceptical about a one size fits all approach for developing research strategies for different research disciplines. It took me two meetings to appreciate that Zoë is the real deal. We haven’t even finished the course and the process she follows has already produced tangible benefits."

Choose the right version of the course for you

The Strategic Fundraising for High Impact Research programme is built on this broad experience and draws on UCT case studies and expertise from the Research Office and the Development and Alumni Department. There is also a version of the course tailored specifically for groups of emerging researchers

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