Enabling individuals and teams to become more strategic and competitive, so that they can generate the resources they need to change the world for the better.



I work with social and environmental impact organisations at different stages of their development. Each business development stage - which I classify as spark, flame and fire - requires strategic input and support.


Getting started

You are excited to do more of the work that fulfills and stimulates you. You have an idea for a project or creative endeavour, but you aren't quite sure how to take it forward. You are nervous about making a change, but you sense that this might be the month or the year to go for it! You could do with some guidance and encouragement to identify and take the next step.



Creating momentum

You are an entrepreneur or a project leader with an exciting project on the go. You have a sense that with the right enablers in place things would really take off, but you want to make sure that you invest your limited time and resources effectively to unlock the full potential of your team or project. You would benefit from support with developing a clear strategy, identifying opportunities for raising more funding, and strengthening your fundraising capacity.


Becoming sustainable

You are a director or team leader heading up a busy team. You are under a lot of pressure and need help to get your head out of the day-to-day grind and proactively identify opportunities for growth. You need assistance rallying your team around a central story of impact, and communicating that impact to the outside world, to ensure that the right people are partnering with you and investing in your mission.


Zoë added significant value to the Neuroscience Institute. Our work with her started with lively brainstorming sessions that refined our vision and mission, and her deep strategic thinking helped us conceptualise an impact pathway for the Institute. Zoë’s fresh perspective, wealth of experience and creativity enlivened the process of identifying our strengths and planning for the future. Working with her was both enjoyable and productive, allowing us to develop an actionable business and fundraising plan.

Prof Graham Fieggen, Director, Neuroscience Institute


I would value the opportunity to explain the different support I could offer you. Please reach out for a free introductory consultation.

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